We are men and women of and for the YMCA. Y’s Men meet on a regular schedule as a club, to learn about our community and be involved in the program thrust of our YMCA.

The main purpose of a Y’s Men’s Club is to serve its own YMCA. It is estimated that each year hundreds of thousands of hours of voluntary service are provided. Through our projects, millions of dollars are given each year to assist our local Y’s in meeting their budgets, purchasing needed equipment, erecting buildings or

sending young people to camp.

Y’s Men also serve, as active, participating members of committees and boards at every level of the YMCA organization.

Primarily we work with and for the young people who utilize our camps, buildings and programs. We assist through personal involvement and fund raising projects to finance special needs, such as equipment, scholarships to camp, and special programs that impact those who live in our community.

Our horizons are world-wide, with clubs in countries on every continent of the world. We “Build Bridges of Brotherhood” in many ways. Among them are:

Brotherhood Fund finances area and international travel for club members.

Time of Fast helps club members share in the plight of our less fortunate and to assist them in self help programs through contributions.

Alexander Scholarship Loan Fund provides scholarships for youth preparing for a YMCA career.

Brother Clubs offer opportunities to share at club levels with other Y’s Men around the world.

Endowment Fund provides financial aid and stability for current and future programs of Y’sdom.

YMCA World Service provides the means for the YMCA to assist in funding and providing manpower to YMCAs in foreign

countries for the development of their programs.



THE IDEA the first Y’s Men’s Club was started in Toledo, Ohio in 1922 by Judge Paul William Alexander. He wanted to create a club of adult YMCA members to support the local YMCA. THE NAME As the “YMCA in USA” more often is called the “Y”, and as this was started as a club of “Men of and for the Y”, it was named: “The Y’s Men’s Club” also known as “The International Association of Y’s Men’s Clubs”. This name is still kept today, even though the membership in a Y’s Men’s club can consist of men and/or women.

CLUB: The membership of each local club may consist of men and/or women. 

No one is denied membership because of race, creed, or national origin.

DISTRICT: Each Region is divided into Districts, A District is comprised of clubs in a given locality; and is led by a District Governor (DG), elected at the District Conference.

REGION:    Each Area is divided into Regions, each of which is led by a Regional Director (RD), elected at the Regional Conference. Helping the Regional Director are a Regional Cabinet, Treasurer, Secretary and Service Directors. A Region may be divided into Sections, led by a Lt. Regional Director (LRD).

AREA: The Y’s Men’s world is divided into nine Areas: Africa, Asia, Canada/Caribbean, Europe, India, Korea, Latin America, South Pacific and the United States. Each Area is led by an Area President (AP) elected in a mail ballot by the clubs in the Area. Area Service Directors (ASD) are appointed to assist the Area President, in addition to the Board of Directors and Officers.

INTERNATIONAL LEADERSHIP: The movement is led by an International President (IP), elected in a mail ballot by the clubs. The IP works closely with other officers and the International Headquarters (IHQ). At the IHQ you find the only people paid by the movement. The IHQ is located in Geneva, Switzerland.


YMCA’s and Y’s Men, indeed, are in partnership


Through providing leadership to different activities in the local YMCA and community.

Through providing time and skill for practical work for the YMCA (building, renovating, etc.)



Through working for International understanding and awareness.

Through supporting the International activities of the YMCA.

Through having its own service projects in other countries.



Through providing an International fellowship on a Christian basis.

Through giving an opportunity to use and train its member’s abilities for responsible leadership in the club and on International level.


Supported  by

  • International Headquarters (IHQ) in Genva, Switzerland 
  • International Secretary General (ISG)
  • International Committees &Task Forces 
  • Governed by a 15-member International Council which meets annually
  • International Executive Officer (IEO):
    • International President (IP)
    • Immediate Past International President (IPIP)
    • International President Elect (IPE)
    • International Treasurer (IT)
  • International Service Directors (ISD)


Supported  by

  • Asia Pacific Area Office in Hong Kong
  • Asia Pacific Area Office in Hong Kong
  • Immediate Past Area President (IPAP)
  • Area President Elect (APE)
  • Area Treasurer (AT)
  • Area Secretary (AS)
  • Area Service Directors (ASD)
8 Areas:

65 countries and territories worldwide

1 August, 2018


Area                                  Club                          Members

Africa                                      37                                       136
Asia Pacific                           220                                      3560
Canada/Caribbean               25                                        429
Europe                                   262                                      5402
India                                       523                                      7795
Korea                                      221                                     4950
Latin America                         37                                        421
USA                                            67                                        914
Total                                        1392                                   23607



  • Region Director (RD)
  • Immediate Past Region Director (IPRD)
  • Region President Elect (RPE)
  • Region Treasurer (RT)
  • Region Secretary (RS)
  • Region Service Directors (RSD)
44 Regions:

7 Region in Asia Pacific Area:


Region                        District            Club        Members

Australia                            3                          13                 187
Japan East                           7                          59                 3560
Japan West                          9                          82                 1464
Philippines                           4                          9                   73
Southeast Asia                   2                          26                 383
Sri Lanka                              2                          8                    96
Taiwan                                  3                          23                 487
Total                                     30                        220                  3560



  • District Governor (DG)
  • Immediate Past District Director (IPRD)
  • District President Elect (DPE)
  • District Treasurer (DT)
  • District Secretary (DS)
  • District Council Officers (DO)
213 District:
2 Districts in Southeast Asia Region:
1February 2019
District                              Club            YouthClub  

(1) Hong Kong                            14                       0    
  • Hong Kong                            12                       0
  • Macau                                       1                        0
  • Mongolia                                 1                        0
(2) SMIT                                           12                       2
  • Singapore                                 2                       0
  • Malaysia                                    3                       1
  • Indonesia                                  0                       0
  • Thailand                                    4                       1
  • Bangladesh                               2                       0
  • Myanmar                                     1                      0
  • Cambodia                                    1                      0
Total                                                   27                      2